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Most of my non-tattooing work takes place at the confluence of visual art, music, and storytelling. I use shadow puppetry and paper cutouts to animate on an overhead projector (or make crankies) using analog processes that utilize light and shadow.

I have called this arm of my art "River Teeth" after an essay by author David James Duncan. In it he describes the process of a tree falling into the river and decomposing. As it breaks down the heartwood and knots that are left sink to the bottom of the river and look like stones. He calls these remnants "river teeth." I consider stories and myths that have been passed down through time to be similar to these knots of wood that are preserved and yet changed through the passage of water and decay. You can find stills from various River Teeth projects and a link to the videos below:

 You can see some of the animations and crankie videos here


I am currently involved in a multi-disciplinary production of "Shterna and the Lost Voice." 

Shterna and the Lost Voice is a new production of The Magid Ensemble drawing inspiration from traditional Yiddish folklore of Elyahu Hanovi. This new story by Weaver follows Shterna on a quest from the underworld to the celestial gardens of the immortal, all to restore her friend's lost voice. The story unfolds alongside an exquisite crankie inspired by Jewish papercut art and live original klezmer score. Tour information will be on the Magid Ensemble website. 


I currently sell a collection of riso, screenprint, and woodblock prints at art markets in Portland throughout the year 

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