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How do I book? 


I currently have an open/closed booking system, meaning I book a few months at a time and then close booking until I am ready to schedule another few months. I typically update via social media and my website when my books are open. If you want to be first on my list to hear about booking updates please sign up for my mailing list linked here.

Once you fill out the form on the website I will be in touch with you within a week-week and a half about setting up an appointment. I respond to every email so if you don't get a response from me within two weeks check your spam or feel free to send a follow up email.


After we set up the appointment I will take a deposit that will hold your place and that will be subtracted from the total on the day of your tattoo. If you have to reschedule less than two weeks out I ask for a new deposit and the old one will cover my time unless I can get someone in last minute.


If your tattoo is a custom tattoo, I will send a drawing to you a day or two before the date of the appointment unless we have set something else up. There will always be space at the time of your appointment to adjust size and make small alterations to the design. 


What sort of tattoos do you do?

I tattoo both custom and pre-drawn (flash) designs and the process is a little different for each:


Flash: Flash designs are usually repeatable a few times and then I retire them. I try to keep my flash highlight on Instagram updated so all available flash is listed there or on the "available flash" page here on the website. Most flash is posted with a price range that reflects the range of sizes the piece can be and most falls within the $150-300 range unless it is a larger piece. There is a $50 booking deposit which holds your spot and gets subtracted from the total of the tattoo at the end of the appointment. Booking flash doesn't require any email back and fourth-you can just book it on the calendar here

Custom work:  I love collaborating on custom work! For this process I ask for an additional drawing fee of $50 to cover my time outside of the appointment spent drawing.  Reference photos, size, and any other design info that feels appropriate to share is very helpful when filling out the booking form and I’ll follow up if I have additional questions.  A few days before the appointment I will send out a sketch and we will fine tune the design from there. If there are major changes that need to be made we may have to reschedule so I have time to redraw but I have found this happens very rarely. Note: this is not a system that works for many artists and I am always adjusting my own process with this but for now it feels good to have clients see the design first so we both can go into it feeling great. These pieces are priced hourly at my $200 hourly rate. I am happy to give a quote of how long I think a piece will take once we have a design and size roughly figured out or adjust detail/size to fit a budget.  I tend to work very quickly. A good rule of thumb for my work is that palm sized and under generally will take an hour-hour and a half and bigger will take longer. Most pieces you see in my portfolio were completed in 1-3 hours with the exception of full sleeves. Note that I am prioritizing medium-large work (hand sized +)


How much will it cost?


I price things either at a flat rate or by the hour. Flash pieces are priced at a flat rate with minimum size dimensions and custom work is priced at $200 an hour. I generally work pretty fast and most of my work seen online falls between the $200-600 range. I am generally happy to work within a budget and we can work on a balance of size/detail to accommodate different price points.





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